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The importance of nail clipping

The importance of nail clipping

Posted Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nail clipping can be a stressful if not a frustrating time for dog and dog owners. Keeping your dog’s nails clipped regularly is essential for preventing potential breaks, tears and ingrown nails. It can also create soreness as well as other problems relating to posture and back care.

Excessive nail length (eg. Hearing your dog’s nail click across the floor as they walk) will create a slant in the toes and will de-form the look of the foot – the structure of the foot should be nice and upright with nails slightly raised from ground level and should not the surface of the ground, if nails are overgrown the foot structure will look slanted.

Excess nail can be corrected over several months of regular trimming to shock/re-tract the vein back into the nail. Generally, no two dogs are the same, some dogs may need their nails trimmed 3 weekly while other dogs can go up to 3 months. This is a result of factors such as breed type and their environment eg. If dogs are often walked on hard surfaces (asphalt and paving) the nails will be worn down naturally.


Potassium PermanganateA quick fix to a bleeding nail is cornflour or Potassium Permanaganate (available in most chemists) applied on a moistened cotton tip dipped into the crystals and onto bleeding nail, making sure to wipe excess blood first.

Our services offer walk-in nail clipping/grinding or by appointment, we also recommend getting your dog’s nails clipped in between grooms to help maintain the nail growth. All nail cutting is inclusive in our grooming and hydrobath services, optional nail grinding will incur an extra fee.

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